Bob Borgeson

A graduate of UNO, Borgeson and his wife Mary Ann (a Douglas County Commissioner) live in Millard, have four children and six grandchildren. Bob works as the State Director of SMART, the employee organization representing over 1,200 railroad workers in Nebraska.

Bob Borgeson

Trusted leadership for
Ralston & Millard

Bob Borgeson


Borgeson is a long-time community leader and the State Director of SMART-TD. He plans to retire from that post in November. Borgeson and his wife Mary Ann make their home in Millard. They have four children and six grandchildren.
“My 42 years with Burlington taught me the value of a hard day’s work and the importance of making sure that working families are given the opportunity to have good paying jobs with benefits to provide for their families. As a state legislator, I will work to help provide Nebraskans with those opportunities.”

Vision & Mission

Borgeson’s Priorities


  • Reducing Property Taxes
  • Reliable Funding for Transportation & Roads
  • Creating Good Paying Jobs with Benefits
  • Keeping Our Young People in Nebraska
  • Adequate State Funding for Schools
  • Fiscal Conservative

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